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What are the simple steps to bring my page from 10th position to 1st position on Google first page?

Easy Peasy

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@Mittineague says, the answer is simple. You need to create content which Google judges to be superior to your competitors and a better match for the given search terms.

Think about your question for a moment, and you’ll realise that there is no answer. If there were “simple steps” to get to number 1, you’d use them, and so would all your competitors. But you can’t all be #1, so that wouldn’t work… It’s like asking how everybody on the bus can sit in the front seat.

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it is almost impossible because those top 3-5 sites are there for years and to get over it, you should be situated for a long time on high position

You have to master the google algorithm, that’s ridiculous! that would be impossible to do, It takes great SEO effort do that, also engagement with the traffic/customers is important to get there.

Could you explain what you mean by this, @zyrakate88? Traffic is not a factor in SEO ranking, nor is customer engagement, in any sense that I understand the phrase.

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You should create such content that Google really loves. Here the keywords competition and the quality of your content are the big issues.

If you have selected high competitive keywords that different high authority sites have already ranked using your keywords then it will be hard for you to rank the 1st position.
But you can rank if you create enough high-quality backlinks for your page. SEO works slowly so it takes the time to rank.
Share your content on social networking sites daily more than once, Update your content time to time and comment on high authority blogs, 5 comments per day using your post URL.


Creating backlinks will get you nowhere. You need to earn backlinks, by having great content that others will choose to link to. Search engines regard links which you place yourself as all but worthless.

That will have no effect on SEO. Most social sites follow Google’s guidelines and mark user-submitted links as nofollow.

Likewise, that will have no effect, as high quality blogs will also follow Google’s guidelines on user-submitted links. (They may well also remove comments deemed to be Spam, placed only as an excuse to liink-drop.)

Creating links with the intention of manipulating search results is a violation of search engine guidelines, and may result in your site being penalised.



For attracting the searches need to optimize the site according to the searchers view point. The main areas should touch while optimizing that the quality content that is engaging the user, thus we can achieve the trust easily. Next to focus on the descriptive keyword which conveys the exact scene of product targeting. Also, be saturate with the key technical side, especially in responsiveness and speed. It will capture the audience.

Create some quality backlinks from high domain authority website.
I think it will help to gain some good ranking.

If you read post #8, (two above yours) you will see that it has already been explained why creating links is not the answer. If you wish to disagree with this, then please provide an authoritative (i.e. Google) source to back up your position. (Remember that the OP is asking specifically about Google.)

Note: “Domain Authority” is a metric created and used by Moz to estimate how well a domain might perform in search results. It is not a metric used by search engines in ranking.

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I know backlinks is not everything for SERP to rank 1st position but there are so many things work behind the SERP result page. I am just giving example to earn some high authority site links as because google count as a vote to promote your page.

The point is @dhruvsingh7278 that if it is a high authority site you have to earn a backlink - you can’t place it yourself. A site where you can simply place any old backlink cannot be a high authority site.

You have misunderstood the phrase @TechnoBear, I meant the point of SEO is traffic, Visitors coming to your site & engaging with the website.

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But the simplest way you can follow is to onpage optimization: page speed, good content structure, good ui\ux

I think after that you can think about links and other things

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Pay me $1000. I’ll do what I can. No guarantees though. No refunds. Your rank might even go down, but that’s life.

See you want to get rank from 10th position to 1st position, so the steps are not simple i would say. Analyze why other website rank first in google and check your website and make comparison, and implement strategy accordingly in terms of On page and Off page, you definitely rank 1stl in google.

You cannot guarantee that anybody will reach first place. Suppose templateskore takes your advice, and one of his competitors reading this topic also takes your advice. How can they both rank first? They can’t, obviously.

You can do your best to give yourself the best possible chance of ranking highly, but there is no way to guarantee a site will reach first place on Google (unless, of course, it has no competition at all).

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This is true if you want to avoid Google’s business model. It seems to me that investing in adwords so that a page gets preferential prominence (granted, identified as an advertised result) would be a marketing decision worth investigating.

Advertising might well be a good move, but I’m assuming that the question (and the other replies) refers to organic search results.

Perhaps @templateskore could clarify that? (It’s hard to know whether you’re on the right track or not when the OP doesn’t bother to respond.)