Google says I've no backlinks but

Hi all, hope some of you in the know could help my understanding here a bit about Google…

According to statbrain I have no inbound links from google yet from yahoo I have 74 and 80 from altavista…why is this? Purely a case of google not crawling my site or any of the other sites that yahoo/altavista have already crawled?

The thing that baffles me the most (but also excites me to a degree) is that I am on top of the google page results for some of my keywords, eg, “ladies t-shirts” (or at least when I search for it in google - maybe google skews my results based on my history/web activity?)…

Any insight would be really appreciated…thanks…

Well, generally google takes time to indexed and store all the links pointing to your site. Generally, during PR updates, they calculate these links. It happens with new site and it will take more than 6 months to get good links.

Thanks frih, ye, I’ll just wait it out I guess but just found it odd that I seem to be showing up in the results but have no backlinks and PR0…

What an absolute load of nonsense!

Google find links everyday, usually when the first crawl and find a link. They incorporate the link juice and recalculate PR and factor this into the ranking on a daily basis.

In response to a link: operator query in Google, they only ever show a small random sample of the links they know about and the links they use. Sometimes that sample includes nothing. Its that simple. DO not jump to any conclusions about what in and what is not in the sample. Just ignore it. Assume that if the page that a link is on, is index in Google, then they are counting the link.

Okay…I got your problem. I think your website is having “nofollow” back link that’s why you did not get any back link from google but other search engines count “nofollow” as well that’s why yahoo and others are having back links. If you want to check the nofollow link use firefox add-in.

Thats NOT their problem!

Google will not show you nofollow links…

It’s normal. Google won’t display yet the number of backlinks of your site especially if it’s newly launched. You can only see your backlinks once google update happen.

If you’re priority is on keywords ranking, don’t get so confused on google backlinks. This was actually one of the basis to give your site page certain rankings. And what i really hate is when i lost number of Google backlinks in just a couple of days regardless of the link building Ive done everyday. Is there again any changes on their algorithm?

Google has a much stricter criteria for accepting a backlink and this examples the difference.

What a load of nonsense!. Did you even read this thread before posting?

Get webmaster tools account. it’ll give you a list of all your backlinks indexed in Google
Google generally displays only a fraction of your backlinks when you perform the link: query. it’s always been this way. Something to do with conserving server space

I’ve had the same problem. My site has like 3 backlinks (pitiful, I know…) and I’ve been negotiating link exchanges with tons of places. Nothing shows up on Google. I hit the forums to find out what was going on, and it can take 6-8 weeks for google to crawl you to find the backlinks! If you include some key text in your “robots.txt”, though, they’ll crawl more frequently. (:

This is totally untrue. Google WILL show nofollow links in the LINK: operator output as well as within Google’s Webmaster Tools. They will even show links from pages which are known to be under penalty. Both types of links have no affect on ranking, yet they show them in the results simply so that YOU the webmaster who is looking at them has no clue what they are counting and what they are not counting.

It’s the same reason they only show a small sample of links in the LINK: operator output and a little larger sample of links in Google’s WMT. They don’t want you reverse engineering their algorithm.

Listen to CBP… Everything he has said in this post is spot on. If the page linking to you is in Google and the link is a followed link then Google is more than likely counting it in their algorithm unless the page where the link is under penalty or fails some quality or relevancy check.

Actual PR and rankings are CONSTANTLY being recalculated at Google as they index pages throughout the day. The Toolbar PR gets published infrequently, but your URL’s actual PR gets updated constantly.

About the most exhaustive list of backlinks you can get is with the LINK: operator and Yahoo! Site Explorer. These are not the exact same links that Google will know about and/or count since they have different pages in their indexes…

According to statbrain I have no inbound links from google yet from yahoo I have 74 and 80 from altavista

I fully agree with CBP and Canonical:

1. link operator query with google does not show the actual amount of backlinks (because google does not want to report publicly such amount)
Compare: (1160 backlinks) B[/B]

2. you may see the actual link popularity of your site with your google webmaster account >> external links

3. yahoo explorer is another source for your own site and any other site.

4. when a backlink has been reported in your google webmaster account or with yahoo explorer tool, that means just that google or yahoo has found the link. It means nothing else. Usually the link is a dofollow link. But sometimes, it may be a nofollow link and has no (or little) effect on the your site ranking.

The search engines never report on all the backlinks they know of. If they did it would be much easier to figure out how the search engines work and manipulate the results. They therefore withhold a precentage of the links so as to ensure that their algorithms can’t be deduced from the available information.

yahoo has more than 1300 backlinks to my website ,but yahoo only has 300. my website was established one year ago

You cannot find all the backlinks in google, or in othere words, google won’t tell all of your backlinks.

Google has a very very strange system for ranking websites. Three months ago my website showed only 1 backlink, I did some link building and know it’s showing 85 links. It takes some time for the links to get indexed.

Hi… im wondering because i dont know how to get backlinks from google. I have submitted already my sites to social bookmarkings, groups promotion, article submissions and other link building, and everytime ill check my backlinks i dont have any backlinks from google and msn, but i have in yahoo…

Can you please give me an advise or suggesstions what i need to do to get more backlinks. Your reply is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.