Google PR Issue - Pls suggest

Hi all SP members,
From last 3 -4 months, I am using the backlink creating methods for my plastic surgery blog. My present google PR is zero.

I checked my site for link popularity and was surprised by the results. Following are the number of links.

SEngine No. of Links 2,950,000
Yahoo 318
Google 0
AllTheWeb 120
AltaVista 122

So, what could be the reason that there are no links google can consider.

I use forums, article dir, web dir, blog comments, press release to get backlinks. I checked them for yahoo, they were from the sites where I tried to get a link. Its ok for all others but why google say zero. Thanks for your help.

Do you really have 2,950,000 in ASK but your google pagerank is 0 ?
I think its not true. Also you can check exact amount of your backlinks by using of Google webmaster tools.

Check the backlinks Google has indexed in their Webmaster Tools. Download cvs. for all the links.

Sometimes, I wish yahoo was any good…my pages seem to get rank at rapid pace and very high…

Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have different search algorithm and their indexing and crawling also differs based on their search guidelines.

I would also suggest you to create account with Google webmasters tools so that you can get overview of the links that Google has considered for your website, but these backlinks are regularly updated and filtered based on Google strategy; you can check backlink of your site in Google using link: and then site url without space.

I would recommend you to submit your website sitemap in Google webmaster tool, also try to get backlink from do-follow websites like digg, create a facebook account (custom profile page); twitter, folkd, mister-wong bookmark and lot more.

As others have told you the best and most accurate tool would be the Webmaster Tool. Yet even that is not one hundred percent accurate because Google is very meticulous with the information they make public.

Now, as a personal recommendation I will tell you NOT to worry too much about PR. It does not guarantee traffic or even conversions. Concentrate on your SERPs, that is far more important. Continue creating backlinks, writing informative articles and distributing them and so on. Make sure your site is fully optimized and just be patient. As someone mentioned already PR update happens every three months, so do not worry so much about it just yet.

Wait for another Google quarterly update possibly you will see some backward links in Google as well, till then you can analyze your Google backward links through your Google Webmaster Account.

You can actually see the links considered by Google with Google Webmaster Tools, also keep in mind that Google periodically update backlink information which will be further visible on performing searches like

From my experience, even Webmasters do not give you all the back links that Google has taken.

As what vnviews has mentioned. Your closest bet is to create a google webmaster tool account and check the number of backlinks inside. Be warned… the report there is not 100% accurate as well. Google, no matter how, will not release in public ALL the links they know in the backend.

Google doesn’t show all links your website has.
Try creating an account at Google webmaster central, add your site and see how much backlinks you site has in Google data.