Google is Global or US Search Engine?

If i want rank my keyword in UK i can go for My question is is global or US region search engine? If global, which one is for US region?

Awaiting for your answers…

Let Google handle the region stuff…you don’t need to think about it.

Given your server location and your domain name, Google is fully equipped to handle any region-specific search issues. If you wish to rank in different regions I would suggest that you read the Search Engine Optimisation FAQ at the top of this forum and work from there. is the “default” version for US-based visitors and any visitors from unknown countries or those without their own Google variation. Visitors from the UK going to will be automatically redirected to (if they really want to go to the US page then does the trick).

In type your keyword for search and in the last of the URL add &gl=us for USA, &gl=za for South Africa. You get exact search from USA.


I’m in Australia. What’s a “Google”?

Only joking. :smiley: Here we get automatically directed to [noparse][/noparse], but we can also access [noparse][/noparse] by typing [noparse][/noparse] into the browser.

Searches seems to produce the same result no matter which version I use.

for most companies that end with .com are treated as US region. For other countries they will take country specific domain. If anyone wants to take .us domain, you need to specify for what purpose you are taking it.

You know what, this is actually a good question, and I’ve been wondering about this for a long time already. I’ve been using the no country redirect search engine, or, to get results, but I don’t know what’s the reference point of those search results. Which point in the US is it, if it really is the default US search engine? I’ve tried adding the custom location but it doesn’t work for me. I’ve checked some free rank checkers and I’m seeing different results. When I check manually, I’m on number 2 for keyword A. When I used the tool, it says I’m on number 9. Pretty weird, if you ask me.

You are selling yourself as an SEO company and you don’t know?

Google’s search results are not static, they can be and are different per-user, per-day, per-whatever. Tools are just guessing they don’t truly know a thing when it comes to Google’s search results or even other engines, just a guess. You are seeing different results because those tools are unreliable. As well as the results being dynamic.

As for whether is US or global. Its both. Location only comes into effect when looking for local results. This is true for the Google’s country-specific domains as well. (Google’s country-specific domains only give a tiny bit of preference to other location-specific site, primarily local searches.)

Yep, I’m from an SEO company, and I know that the results aren’t static and all that. I guess I’ll take your answer about how these tools can be unreliable. Well, there aren’t any perfect tools for checking the ranks because as you’ve said, the results could be different per user, and we could consider these tools as different users. Oh, by the way. Not all those who are in an SEO company have the experience of someone who has been in the industry for years. In all honesty, I really needed a good answer to that, because I just found it weird that the results were like that. Chill, dude! I’m sorry. :smiley:

But I think the trick of is easy to remember! I have set this as my homepage ! For newbies this link would be helpful!

Google takes the IP address also into account. So if you want to see only US based results then use “”. This will provide the most accurate serps for US from other countries.

Thanks is global search engine and not local search engine, however when you open up the site the searches are automatically diverted to local searches based on your location. For a global google search you need to open up Hope this helps you.

Cheers! is a global search engine but as soon as you make any query for search the Search engine tries to give the most relevant local results!