Google country searches.... it really does matter where your hosting is

We used to occupy the first couple of slots on page 1 of google.CO.UK for our main search terms… until 3 weeks ago when we moved hosting from the UK to USA, and then we disappeared out of sight on (but still maintain our position on

I remember reading that hosting location is important when appearing on country searches of google (I think I read this on Aaron Wall’s SEO BOOK some years back).

We’re about to move back to the UK so I hope we get our ranking back again on :frowning: We’ve literally lost half our traffic since we’ve moved… OUCH

yes what i also think is hosting matter & to get better rankings in then you need to make more links on extensions websites

Country of location of the server is one of the several signals that helps Google determine which country you are most relevant to. You got a higher ranking in as you were hosted in the UK … you were considered more relevant to the UK. By moving to a server in the USA, you took away that signal.

If you are going to host in a different country from your target market then you need to use some other way of telling the search engines where your target market is - such as using a country specific domain. That will at least offset a part of the ldifference.

Here is a video response from Matt Cutts in regard to country specific hosting:

yes, it does matter, place of server where it is located and the backlinks where it is coming from are helpful in determining the good rank in search engine. For example, if you want to have good rank in then you have to build more backlinks in extension…

You seem to keep posting nonsense in this forum. Care to explain how my sites ranks so well and have NO backlinks from .au sites???

Man, I don’t know why you get so paranoid about my post but this is not nonsense. If you have better explanation then please share it with us, and if not then please stop harrasing me…

I only harassing you as you are posting such bad advice in this forum. Anyone can see that by looking at your posts.

As for a better explanation, its been given several times already in this thread.

I’ve seen this behaviour several times. The easiest way to deal with it is to go Google Webmaster Tools (you’ll need to verify your site if this is your fiest time there), then go to Site Configuration / Settings. Under Geographic Target, choose the country that you wish to target.

This won’t prevent your site from appearing to visitors from other countries, but it will give it an advantage in the country that you specify.

Hope this helps.


Well, These are not bad advises mate. try google it and take advise from seo experts and they will tell you the same. and if you do not like my post, report it to modrates rather than annoying me. Hope to have some free time here.

Normally I appreciate your tough stance on people who post ill-informed nonsense on this forum (including me on one or two occasions!) but I think you’re off the mark here.

Google do take into account various signals to do with location, including where your inbound links come from among other things. If you have lots of links from .au sites, they will be more likely to give you a good ranking for someone searching in Australia. No, it isn’t the be-all and end-all. Sure, you can get a good ranking in .au without having a single .au backlink – the same could be true of just about any ranking factor – but nevertheless it is something that Google takes into account when ranking sites.