Google ranking drop for my website

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I have came across one situation. Google didn’t crawl my website for more than a month (I have changed Meta title but it doesn’t changed in SERP) So I use fetch as google in Google Search console and submit site to re crawl.

After that I lose my website ranking. Before my website rank in 10th position but now not in top 50.

It’s not possible for anyone to say with certainty why your ranking has dropped, but my guess would be that it’s to do with your other topic.

Please read Google’s guidelines on link schemes:

Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This includes any behavior that manipulates links to your site or outgoing links from your site.

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2 days back I have changed Meta Title of my home page. I don’t know this will impact on SERP. I have to wait and see @TechnoBear

Meta titles are not as important for your on page SEO as your H1 tag, as @TechnoBear says, you should be careful when creating too many backlinks to your website and use something to track the rankings for your important keywords when making major changes…

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Well you have to wait few days because u have changed meta title and your competitors might be also have the same title, keep pushing high quality backlinks from web2.0 sites.

@PraveenkumarElango: I strongly advise you to think twice about this. As I’ve already said, I suspect your problems are to do with the fact that you have already been trying to manipulate your ranking with backlinks, in violation of Google’s guidelines. (Trying to get those links indexed quickly - the subject of your other thread - may well have drawn attention to your activities.)

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No, I am not saying to force your backlinks to get indexed, it should be a natural way to Indexed by the Google, my point is here, to give more link juice through high PR sites instead of low quality sites.

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Sorry, @vijesharora16 - my comments were aimed at the OP, not at you. (I’ve edited my post to make that clear.)

Any backlinks which you place yourself are regarded as all-but-worthless by Google, and if done to excess may be regarded as part of a link scheme and l;ead to your site being penalised. Additionally, reputable sites will make user-submitted links as nofollow, as we do here, in accordance with Google’s guidelines.

As far as PR is concerned, Google has long since ceased to publish regular updates on PR, so it’s not possible to know with any accuracy what the PR of a given page might be. (PR is calculated per page, not per site, so talking about a “high PR site” makes no sense.)

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I think you have done something against google ranking rules. And therefore you ranking is dropped suddenly.

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hi guys facing the same problem my website ranking is also going do wn and i am not getting the way to bring it back whaat should i do for it please suggest me any idea guys.

As I said to the OP, it is not possible to say why your site has dropped in the rankings. It may be as a result of something you have done, or it may simply be that your competitors have improved their rankings and your site has dropped as a result.

I would suggest that you read Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” and check that you have done everything correctly, paying particular attention to things like titles and meta description. You should also check the webmaster guidelines to ensure you are not doing anything which might have a negative effect on your site.

No. Meta title is important when visitors search anythings to read and come to your site.
Thanks for sending Search Engine Guide. This is helpful and knowledgeable for me.
Backlinks are also much necessary by making quality content, profile creation and more.

I would agree that backlinks which you earn by creating quality content and having other sites choose to link to yours are helpful. Creating links yourself is a waste of time, especially in profiles and similar places. Any reputable site will mark such user-submitted links nofollow, in accordance with Google’s guidelines. Deliberately creating such links on low-quality sites to manipulate ranking is a violation of Google’s guidelines.

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