How to index all my backlinks faster?

Hi !! I have created so many backlinks from high authority sites. But most of them are not indexed. I have used to ping all the backlinks. but I feel there is no use in that.

Can anyone have an idea to index backlinks faster??

Hi @PraveenkumarElango, there are a number of ways to get backlinks indexed quicker but the most simple one is often overlooked… Sharing the content which contains your links…

Google plus is probably the best tool for this as Google normally indexes content quicker… you need to be certain also that these pages are not set to no index or some other tag that prevents indexing,…

Want to add here also that I have had some success with using ping tools such as Pingomatic which notifies many blog services and platforms about changes of web content…


Hi @PraveenkumarElango. I think the fastest way to get your backlinks indexed is to ping your backlinks or by using Linklicious. But only submit your backlinks once to this service.

Hello, you can index your link faster using google url submit tool
I always get my post indexed after 10 minutes using that tool

Google Webmaster Tool I think is the only legit indexer, others may harm your site / backlinks

First of all, how do you know exactly which backlinks have been indexed and which wasn’t? Second, every time I make a change in my website I see it take affect in google after 2-7 days, how much time are you waiting already?

Hi you can submit your URL to Google by using Google Webmaster Tool and pinging your backlinks on different websites. This is very helpful and time saver.

You can submit pages on your own sites via Google Search Console (was GWT), but the question here seems to be about how to get those pages which link to the OP’s site indexed.

It seems to me that if the site is reputable (and those are the only links worth having), then Google will be crawling it regularly and it will therefore be indexed promptly. If you’re creating a lot of poor-quality links on low-quality sites, then I’d say the less attention you draw to those, the better, as you run the risk of being penalised for participating in link schemes.

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Google webmaster provide you best tools for submit direct link. Try this. Other things share your back-link on social media site as a likes google+, Facebook, guest post, Blogcomment… etc. Try buffer for share multipal social media sharing.

If backlinks are from high authority sites, google will index them on its own. No need to take extra efforts. If google haven’t indexed them yet, it means google is ignoring those links and wont index them even if you try different backlink indexing tools.


You can submit your backlinks to top social bookmarking sites to get fast indexing.


Ping your Back links again and get indexed faster. Bookmark your back link to the top bookmarking sites like google bookmarks,Link arena, delicious,Newsvine etc.

Thread closed, as it is becoming repetitive, and the OP has never returned.

Thanks to those who contributed.

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