My Site Ranking Suddenly Dropped and Search Console is Not Showing any Backlinks

Hi to all, I have a website and i need a help from you guys. Before the December my website ranking was good and i was getting enough traffic on my website. I usually check my backlinks on google webmaster tool. From the December last week i don’t know why my website’s ranking suddenly dropped and now it is lost in google. I checked everything on my search console inbox, security issues and manual action option but i didn’t got any reason of this. Also in the new search console’s links option i am not getting a links to my site and external links there i am getting only 2 links which is related to robots.txt. I request you guys to please have a look on my concern. Below i am attaching the screen shot of the links to my site section.

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You first resubmit the sitemap.xml and wait for few weeks you will get back the ranking ,but in 2019 some updation will going on so keyword ranking will move back .wait for some days .

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Thank you for the answer adams.

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