How To get Back my Rankings?

Hi All,
I have been Working with a “US” Site For the past 3months.
I had Ranked all the Keywords in SERP.
But last week i found a sudden Drop in all my keywords.
i Checked my Back links and other stuffs everything was so clear…
i’m getting mobile version results in google serp" how do i solve it?
can any one suggest me any solution, To get back my Rankings in SERP???

What do you mean by ‘US’ site?
there was a google update last weekend, did that affect your links?

I had similar experience some times the keyword ranking gets decreased suddenly what has to be done to maintain the keyword position.

Are you referring to a .us site? If you are still ranking well in mobile search results then your site was not penalized. You may want to try adding content consistently or contacting some other bloggers about guest posts.

Maybe Google thinks your competitors have better content for their users.

Davidgill, have you changed anything on your site just prior it happened? Or did you add any backlinks?

No my site is not .us site. Their is new content uploaded almost daily in our website as its a shopping based website. I just want to know what strategies should I follow to maintain my ranking and avoid the sudden fall of keyword positions.

Evaluate the backlinks to your website using link checking tools.

If you see some spammy links, use the google disavow tool to tell google not to index those backlinks to your website.

The content of a website matters a lot.

Is your content unique?

Make sure you highlight the important features about a product.

Give a nice starting about why the product is good and how the company which is producing the product is continuously adding new products.

Do some off page seo like:

Blog commenting on dofollow blogs.
forum posting with signature.
social bookmarking.
Web 2.0

If it is your shopping website ( you yourself sell products), offer good incentives to affiliates who promote your products so that more and more people will
start to promote you.

@Steve Jay
My Client is From “Unites States”.
That is what i meant has US…
Can You Please Share what was the Update??..
I have been Monitoring with many SEO Blogs.
But I didn’t Find any News about Updates…
Can You Please share the Link???


Yes I am Talking about “United States”.

I am damn Sure that my site has not yet penalized…

I haven’t got any Notifications in “Web Master”.

I have been Updating my Site Contents in an Proper Manner…

I am Worried about What would be the Reason for this Sudden Drop in Rankings…:confused:


I haven’t Changed any thing in My Site…

Yes Was Doing Normal Submissions in Relevant categories, I will Be very Clear in Building back links to my Site, I Prefer Only Relevant categories…

So I am Damn Sure about back links…

Thanks for your suggestions it really helping me. I am doing SEO for all products which are been added in my website as well as content. Then I am doing SEM like Blogs commenting, Forums also directory submission.
Should I also do social bookmarking.

Try to follow these few steps.

  1. First analyse your keyword positions along with your competitors.
    2.Check out for your keyword in title,h1 tag , descriptions and in content (5)
    3.Do forum posting atleast 10 .
    4.guest post and article submissions
    5.Social media.