Google Profits Continue to Soar

Google’s Quarter 3 profits have soared to $1.64 billion after revenues rose to $5.94 billion. Most of the revenue coming from Google Adwords, of course
The really interesting piece of data is that pay per click volume rose 14%, whilst revenue per click fell 6%. After several years of cost per click rises its good to see a reverse in this area.

I doubt the people who display your adverts are so happy about a loss of revenue, many people use that as their sole source of income so while your costs may be lowered, their revenue could potentially be hit seriously, if it drops too far you could perhaps see a loss of value or publicity in the adwords. :slight_smile:

Google has nearly got everyone ring fenced now. They have created a climate of fear where people are to scared to do much in case they get a penalty, from a set of rules nobody has actually ever seen.

In addition they have successfully slapped down new sites with their sandbox effect (yes of course it exists, and for this very reason), meaning the only way a new site can get exposure in the SERP’s is through paying google for adverts.

The average cost per click dropped, but the volume of clicks rose faster, so assuming it’s not massively skewed towards search over content, everyone earned more and everyone is happier this quarter.

Should be good news for those who rely on adsense as a source of income. Hope the trend will continue.

Well, good for Larry page and Sergy Brin… :smiley:

I just wish I bought some of their stock before they took off. I was in college anyway, didn’t have a job or income so I had no way to invest. Google will probably get bigger and bigger.

As of right now, Google has a broader public reach so if you have options to advertise with them or with someone who has a smaller market share, you’re going to choose Google.

google is still soaring high on the race! no wonder why’ simple and browser friendly :smiley:

it is definitely interesting to think about how google’s value of adwords could effect the visibility of new websites. Its way too difficult to put a finger on google’s savvy methods of keeping a certain amount of unseen control.