Cant believe I just got paid nearly sixty bucks for one click

Google Adwords just paid me sixty bucks for one click. Is this a record? Its on a general page on my site so I cant easily trace what the keyword was (unfortunately) but the surfer came from a free ad ( on a blogger site so maybe they are just one of those handy folks that go round clicking ads at random!

Nice result though.

What company can afford to pay $60 for a single click to their site? You’re lucky alright.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if that click disappeared from your reports after a few days. What if it’s a hacked AdWords account or a stolen credit card? Place $100 a click bids to get as much traffic as they can before the payment fails.

I just got an email from a friend who claims $80 on the phrase ‘mesothelimia compensation chicago’ so maybe I dont hold the record!

The highest i got is like 5$ a cick

its a good click, i have seen clicks worth more in the past


Medical field, lawyers, generics…sellers of high-priced products…

It’s all too common.

Must be one very stupid advertiser. Once he learns to use his brain, you wont get this amount anymore. Congra on your good luck.

OMG! $60 for a click? I gotta $.20 for a click and i was so happy.

My record so far is $3.80, and I was doing the “happy dance” with that one. Only happened once though.