How much profit can I make if....?

Hi mates,

I have a blog which ranks on the 4th page of Google now for a 200,000+ global monthly searches’ keyword. Currently, it does not bring any significant traffic rise, but I want to know how much profit can I make if my website is ranking on the first page for the keyword.

I’m only using Google adsense advertising for monetization. Google adwords tells me that the CPC for the keyword is $1.4.

I have spent more than 6 months of hefty content-writing for the website without any profit yet, and I want to know how much of a return on investment (profit), should I expect if I work even harder till the website gets to the first page on google.

I also want to know that would it be wiser to switch my keywords if it gets impossible to rank on the first or second page of google, because of corporate competition, and that I should switch my keywords, even if I am so close?

Thanks alot for your time :slight_smile:

You will probably find that that 200,000+ is not the actual figure nor will it be the number of people who click through to your website. I think that figure includes Search partner network so if you are on page 1, you won’t appear in the Search Partners display, so you can reduce that 200,000+ figure again by a certain %

I don’t know if anyone here can accurately tell you how much you will earn but I am sure they will tell you the following.

Relying on page 1 ranking is not a good idea, because at any point GOOGLE can and probably will PULL the rug from under your feet quite swiftly. I would focus on many many keywords bringing traffic and also other forms of marketing too. All it takes is yet another ridiculous algorithm change, which effects your site for some stupid reason or by mistake and you’re gone.

It will also take a lot of energy to get from Page 4 to Page 1. After 14 months for a lesser searched keyword I am on page 2 and I seem stuck there. Granted. I have pretty much stopped any SEO work as I am sick to death of it and just rely on natural methods now and a lot of patience.

If your are not on page 1, you are pretty much dead in the water. As I mentioned above, try also targeting other less competitive keywords.