Will use of Google+ have any effect on Ranking?

I have heard a lot about Google+. Recently it has surpassed Twitter to be at the second place. I have never used that. I have been managing 8 websites for now. But I haven’t been using Google+ for the same. Almost all SEO Experts suggest use of Google+. But will it improve ranking in search engines? How I can make best use of Google+. What Strategies should be adopted? :slight_smile:

Google is using social signals generated by sharing activities on Google+ as part of their rankings algorithm. However, the importance of such signals are still of lesser impact as compared to links.

Personally, I am quite active on Google+ and I find that Google Authorship Markup, once implemented on your website, helps improve CTRs and traffic from Google. If you are not familiar with it, the markup basically pulls up your Google+ profile picture and places it beside your content in the search results.

The SEO industry is also buzzing with another signal that Google is going to use as part of their algorithm and it ties back to Google+ - AuthorRank. What it does is that it helps to rank results by looking at the authority of an author on a particular topic, and this will be based on the number of social shares or even inbound links generated by content belonging to the author. Many authors and content creators are prepping up for this by building up their profile, getting more active on Google+, and guest blogging. However, always keep in mind that whatever changes that Google makes to its algorithm, its primary goal is to return user-friendly search results so the best and the most useful content shows up.

Last month Google+ was a more active social community than Twitter. Of course google+ will benefit your rankings via social signals,. why would you thing otherwise sir?

Greg Smith

I have also started Google plus for the last 4 months and initially I didn’t notice any effect on my website’s ranking through sharing on Google plus. But from the last one month, I have getting an increased traffic from search engines and most of the major keywords have started ranking higher. It might be the G+ effect.

What is the percentage that we are looking at when you say “increased traffic”? How are you using or sharing on Google Plus, George?

I’m just wondering because from my own experience, sharing on Google Plus alone does not help in significantly increasing search engine traffic or rankings.

If you are just sharing your own content, the “increase in rankings” that you are seeing might be personalized. Other users may not see your web pages in a higher position for keywords that they are searching for. It is the collective social signals generated through the sharing of your content by other Google Plus users that may help in boosting your website’s rankings in their personalized search results. At the end of the day, it still comes down to creating content that your site visitors are willing to share on their social networks.

Currently, at this point, there is no obvious effect coming from Google Plus that can be noticed. I have several websites and all of them have their own Google Plus product pages together with thousands of followers, however, i do not notice any ranking changes that coming when i hook up the pages with my website.

But there is certainly some positive effects if we combine several social networks together such as interlinking between Google+, Facebook, Twitter. So, from my deduction, i think that you should not rely solely on Google+ or any social network alone. The trick is to combine and diverse your social linking.

I believe that google is taking into account the google+ stats but unfortunately I don’t know how :frowning: One is sure social media will get more and more important in the ranking of websites that is my opinion :slight_smile:

Yes, most likely, but for now, the effect is minimal.

Hi Wayne, Actually once I post my web content on G+, I try to get some votes through some of my friend circles and social media profiles. I am not sure whether my improved rankings are solely from Google plus, but I do think that there is some impact.

I heard that SEs counts frequency from Social sites and G+ is major one of them. Also G= profile will increase your presence in one more Google product but about effects in ranking I really don’t have any idea.

i love google+, especially google local. it is one of the finest way if you want to promote your local business, you just simply need to add your business information in google local. I strongly recomend this for local business promotion.

Google +1 is similar to facebook likes. but google dominance in web search put it well above facebook likes.
When a user clicks on +1 button on your website. you get a link in his profile page which is usually PR7 + Google gets a hint that your website has something useful. Google will give instant priority to your website on search made by contacts for the relevant search terms and later to everyone.

Yes social media sites promote the website and helps in building visitors. I find google + above all as it gives you dofollow backlink. The other thing is that you should be active on it and post original quality content so that you can get visitors from there. Always remember google loves to see websites that involve actual visitors not just bots. All these social media sites are famous because they involve real people. Can see google and facebook daily visits and popularity.

yes, i agree about it. when you get +1 from another member or your friends, it will give you a backlink. I found it when i open my google webmaster tool and i saw i get backlink from google plus. I found that my post get backlink when it got +1. when my shared post havent +1, no backlink from google plus CMIIW