Google+ Brand Page

Unlike Facebook Fan Page which is very versatile & powerful, how to promote a website with Google+ Brand Page?
Will that really worth more than Facebook if I create a Google+ Brand Page?

Facebook takes advantage of the number of users it has, plus it’s already an established social network. Google+ takes advantage of Google’s Search+ update which makes the Google+ pages and profiles visible on the search results. If you’re going to use it to build your brand, I suggest that you use both Facebook AND Google+.

I still can’t deside if Google+ is worth bothering with- plenty talk about it but how many REALLY use it?

Facebook i believe was established for making friends, sharing or a place for fun. But nowadays, people regard it as marketing tool for businees, and their intentions to register in facebook is also obvious, for business. What do you think of the phenomenon ?

No idea yet buddy but i think it will overtake fb in few years time and google will rule this net world.

i have created a number of google plus pages and have not seen results in serps or through traffic. i realise its quite new so i imagine it takes time to take off

Both websites fan pages are important. Proper promoting Google’s fan page will help in increasing the search engine result and while Facebook’s fan page which is the host of 800 million online users will help in increasing traffic and generating leads for your website

It will take time for your Google+ page to come up in search engine results. I’m still working on it as I see any improvement I’ll update it here. Meanwhile you guys can share your experiences also.

Yup it does, your website/page ranks fairly well in search results of users who have added in your page. But, it is not cleared how much it impacts the users who are not in your circles.

Sure! Do create a Google+ Brand Page & please don’t forget to update here in this thread weather you succeed or not.


We all know that Facebook is more powerful than Google+, it is because Facebook comes first than Gplus w/c is just heading to it’s stardom.
Just forget who’s the leading, just create your Brand Page in both social media platform, because we won’t know what does tomorrow will be given to Gplus.


There is definitely no reason to not use both. Both have advantages and disadvantages (the advantages of one covers the disadvantages of the other).

I totally agree with your points & that was exactly my motive. If anyone of you here had a comparison between these two social network promotion ways don’t hesitate to share it here.

Yes indeed I’m still trying both of them.

facebook is more flexible google +

Facebook and Google+ both websites fan pages are much more important while facebook is more flexible rather than google+. In proper way promoting fan page will help in increasing traffic to build your brand.

No-doubt that google+ is more effective and important then facebook campaign because google + gives you do-follow backlink and it also effect on your SERP ranking as well. You should increase your influence on google + then you can easily and effectively promote your business rapidly.

Google Plus will surely get into it’s next level soon, I’m sure. As it is an affiliate site of Google. Facebook will surely get spank by Google+ if it will not get back to simple form. Timeline is the biggest thing that gets the user so frustrated.

Everything depends on your aims. If you want to get more people engaged - use Facebook. If you want something that increases rankings in SEs - use G+

If you have a popular site your page is about, you can add it inside. Moreover, you can also try to use other Social sites to promote your G+ page (like twitter, facebook, digg, etc.) // If you update your page frequently, I am sure you will see more people that like it :slight_smile:

Google plus is comparatively new to Facebook and they are in their initial stage, but I believe they will add more new features to their business page to make it more worthy.