Google penalty on my site - How to remove?

Google has penalized one of my website.

The site has a PR6 and has good content. On an average user stays 4 minutes on my website.

For the past 2 years google has been penalized me many times and usually My site will be restored to normal after 2 or 3 months.

But this time 4 months has passed and I am still not recovering. I am seeing lots of SEO services where they charge to analyze and correct and reverse the Google penalty. Can I use any1 of them.

To be more precise. My site is penalized and not banned. I still receive visitors from google but they have fallen to 80%.

Every time I file a reconsideration request I get a reply that “No Manual Spam actions found” from google. I am confused.

One time my site was penalized and I try to query google with a seo software for checking PR of Thousands of url. After penalty I wrote to them saying I will not send any automated queries after that. My rankings was restored in a day.

I am losing nearly 2000USD per month because of this.

Kindly guide me in this regard.

What did you do to get in trouble many times over?

Out of interest, how do you know this is happening? What are the signs?

My rankings dissapear and I get very less no of visitors from Google search.

I really don’t know what is causing the trouble. As I used to get replies that “No Manual SPam actions found”. I do not violate google’s webmaster guidelines and strictly do only white hat SEO.

Are you sure it isn’t just a case that other sites are now ranking higher than yours in the SERPs because Google has determined that they’re better/more relevant? These things are never static.

No. My website is very strong in content and also links. It is not the case of other websites ranking ahead of me but my website going down abrubtly in rankins for once in 3 months.

That has happened to one of my sites in the past. Say twice a year or so Google would kill the traffic for a period of 4 - 17 weeks then it would recover to about where it was before. That does not indicate a penalty. After Google kills the traffic, I get an email within a couple weeks trying to get me to pay for advertising. See a connection?

In Sept. Google killed the traffic on every site I have an interest in. A site that once ranked #1 in Google for its niche back in 2008 and got around 2,000 visitors per day from Google got 92 visitors from that search engine in the past month. And that’s a big improvement! In January 2012 it was doing 600 visitors a month (compared to about 9,000 from Yahoo/Bing). Then it went down, down, down, down. At it’s lowest point from the end of Sept. through the end of Oct. (I think) it got 22 visitors in a 30-day period. In 2008 when it ranked #1, I watched its rank drop in Google from #1 to sub-600 in a matter of a few hours. It never recovered. Webmaster Tools says it ranks sub-300 for the most competitive keyword currently. I almost never use Google, so I’m not going to waste my time looking for it.

No changes were ever made to the site to make it rank #1 or to cause it to drop. Google just did it. That’s the way Google works. Some say that’s the way a search engine should work. I disagree. I also find it highly suspicious that Google kills my traffic then tries to get me to pay for advertising. :mad:

remove unnatural links or nofollow links

[FONT=Verdana]Why would you recommend removing nofollow links? Used correctly, the nofollow attribute is likely to be beneficial for you, not a reason for any kind of penalty.

Here is the solution for this, I hope you have Webmaster access to your website. Just click in to Traffic and Links to my Site Option and click more. Then Download latest links in top of the table menu and Analyze the links where you have got so far. It sure helps you identify the spammy links.

No follow links shouldn’t be removed, only spammy links. And add good content to your website.

Just out of curiosity…do you have ads on your site? From which company?

Is there any chance someone could be targeting your site with bad links? A rival website or company could be doing this in order to “tone down” the competition.

Remove bad link from your website, you can remove bad link or unnatural link with the help of Link Disavow Tool.

Several people have chimed in with the suggestion to remove bad links… let’s try and limit further posts to new ideas or tools for tracking down the issue at hand.

If you’re doing everything right, publishing original content and not doing any black hat SEO, everything else is up to Google really. You can’t make them to do anything. An option is to just bite the bullet and buy some Adwords…

If that is the case, why have you been penalised so many times?
With PR6, I’d hazard a guess you have an enormous amount of links, few of which were organically grown. The previously high influence of links has been decimated, which may explain why your serp ranking has plummeted.

Hi benbob, What do you mean with:

Organically grown links?



Exactly that: links that appear without your involvement, including third parties working on your behalf. Conversely: artificial links i.e. anything have endeavored to create or buy.


The previously high influence of links has been decimated, which may explain why your serp ranking has plummeted.

Again, exactly what I said: the weighting of links has been vastly reduced in favor of content and relevance of it. In other words: where it was possible a couple of years ago to set up a crappy website, buy/create 10,000 links and it would show up on page 1 on Google, that is now virtually impossible.