Am I penalised or just seeing a Google dance | Also need your help for on page SEO

Hi, this is like 2 questions in 1 thread.

I created less than a month ago and aiming at “best point and shoot camera” as my main keyphrase. Since the first week I saw the site ranked for the main keyphrase though the ranking bounced. However, in the last week or 2, the keyphrase ranks nowhere. I still see the website rank for a few other keywords. So I have these questions that have been bugging me since:

  1. Is my website penalized by Google or is it just the “dance”? What should I do next? It is still indexed (last crawl was 4 days ago). I copy a sentence in the page on to google and my site appears also. All I do was basic link building (no black hat). AHREFS show 30 backlinks (dofollow) while backlinkwatch doesn’t find any.
  2. Please visit my site and help to check how I can improve my on page optimization.


Sorry if this reply violates any regulation. I dont know how to edit a post.

One more thing I would like to add to what I was doing. I check my site serp ranking using Market Samurai and Rank Checker (SEO suits) very frequently. Does this activity affect my ranking? If it does, how often should I check my position on google?

It depends what type of link-building method you have apply for your site link building. You can also use google Analytic to see your site statistics

There are mainly two reasons for this case,
First, your website is recently designed hence it may possible that Google search engine has sent it into sandbox.
Second, you have built low quality links for which Google have penalized your website/webpage.

And checking ranking position frequently with the help of any tool or search engine is not affect ranking of the website/website. You should check your website position on Google at minimum twice in a week.