Google Penalty

Well, i am posting this in the hope that one of Google’s guy will just walk by and tell me whats going on.

I linked to a link farm while i was still a noobie webmaster a year++ back? Google gave me a penalty and delisted some of my pages while dropping my pagerank from 5 to 3. I have written to Google before but my listing remain high in position while it used to be on the first 3 pages of Google. I was hoping that maybe someone would enlighten me on this issue?

Some questions i have in mind:

  1. Will Google ever give me back my pagerank?
  2. I know my site is definitely more informative than some of the other sites listed on Google’s searchlist when the keyword “free stuff” is typed.
  3. How do i go about increasing my Google status again?

Based on my oiwn experience, Google may relist or reindex your lost pages but regarding PR, its hard to tell.

Well, the thing is after so long, Google has not relisted my page even when i type my Site Name. Meaning somebody’s else website turn up first when i type in my site name. I feel disturbed by this…