Google not Indexing!


Google is Indexing the category pages of my website not the Product pages?? can anyone tell me why?

How do you know? Have you done a Google search just of your site? E.g. “ product name”.

Yeah !! and i saw mainly the category pages!!!

What do you mean by you saw mainly category pages? Does that mean there are product pages but not as many as the category pages?

In addition what what ralph recommended, try verifying your store on Google Webmaster Tools. After a couple of days, it will start showing the number of pages indexed, which pages are indexed and if they are not, the reasons why they are not.

If you slightly advanced, then you can do a Screaming Frog crawl on your e-commerce store to identify potential misuse of noindex or robots.txt on your product pages.

Store is verified on webmaster tools and it is Showing me the result that i have Submitted 24,028 Web pages but out of 24,000+ pages Only 3,169 Indexed i need to Know Why?

Do you see any problems that are highlighted under HTML Improvements and Crawl Error on Webmaster Tools?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but is the SEO better on your category pages than on your product pages?

Hello, try to answer these,

is your site new, if so google will take some time to crawl pages. You can use webmaster tool and “Fetch as” pages

Visit this page and add a URL ,, then check back if it is indexed after few hours.

Check that if you had not blocked these pages in your robots.txt file.

@behati, for ecommerce sites, both are important, many keywords goes to category and many to products. E.g. if you have 5 security softwares to sell you can not use few keywords for all of these, instead you will need to target your security category. Hope you understand.

Check for meta no index in source code or the page is blocked by robots.txt file. If every thing is fine you can fetch Google bots in Webmaster Tools.

Try using fetch as google bot option if it doesn’t work check ur robot.txt file it might be blocking some urls

Did you check your robots.txt file, if nothing is wrong there, then resubmit your site map . Mean while you should submit your website for inclusion in Google’s index.

Yes but product page is easy to rank then that of category pages because mostly category keywords are more competitive then that of product keywords.

Now need to see problems that are highlighted under HTML Improvements and Crawl Error on Google Webmaster Tools?

To achieve results with keyword search that displays all the list is better than just showing their products. But to do that need a SEO process serious and hardworking.