URLs are not being indexed afte redesign

Hi all,

I have a PR4 site and I basically spent the past 6 mths redeisgning the site from the grounds up. Prior to the redesign, all of my pages were indexed in Google. The URL structure has not changed at all, still the same URLs for all subpages throughout.

I checked the Google Webmaster Tools, and I have 254 Urls Submitted but 0 indexed. I tried recreating and resubmitting the sitemaps a couple of times with no luck. It’s been this way for over a month now.

I checked google with site:mysite.com

It’s showing me only 15 pages in Google. Basically my home url and a few subpages off the home url (like contact page, etc). All of my other subpages are no where to been seen. A bunch are seo optimized as well and ranked decently before the redesign.

Another odd thing is that I have about 20 pages actually indexed but in the Google Webmaster tools it’s giving me a (-) value under the number of pages indexed.

Yahoo and Bing can see all of my subpages.

Anyone know what this can mean and any suggestions or recommendations to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

google webmaster tool never shows you an actual figure on any of these.

worry about your serp rank thats all.

Well that’s the problem, I have no chance at all to rank any of my actual subpages b/c Google hasn’t indexed them. My main goal is getting the subpages ranked as opposed to the homepage. If I do a site:domain, only my homepage and a few other pages which I’m not trying to rank for appear.

how dynamic is your content ? content that changes in shorter intervals should get crawled faster. What also helps are inlinks from sites that get crawled often.