Google Indexing

Hi guys,

Just wanted to pick your brains if possible. On the left hand site of our site you will notice a ‘Latest Added Products’ sections with around 20 products listed. Every time I add new products to our site I also add them to this section. Google seems to really love this bit and indexes the products extremely quickly and usually they then appear on the top page of the Google search pages. When I say quickly I mean overnight sometimes!

Google seems to take a look at our homepage almost every day so why does it not go through the ‘browse by products’ or the manufacturers drop down menu and index pages from there?

I suppose what I am asking is why would Google prefer this part of the site than another? What can we do to make our site be indexed better?


This could be evidence of just how clever Google are. The bot visit frequency is entirely influenced by how often you change content, simply to preserve their resources, so they’ll only come back regularly if you change content regularly and which bit are you changing? The bit the bot is visiting.

Clever chaps at Google aren’t they.

I have a website - an online shopping cart. Though I have submitted the updated sitemap, all the web pages are not indexed. I have more than 600 products. Not all of them are indexed. Will there be any specific reason for this.

If anyone has encountered this problem and solved, please help.


Google is very clever search engine.

When it crawl your website, it try to find out most updating pages of the website. Like blogs etc.

It confirms the page after indexing your page 3-4 times.

Once it confirms that this page or the area of particular web page is always updating frequently than it continues to crawl it regularly.

Use RSS Feeds for your website

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.

RSS solves a problem for people who regularly use the web. It allows you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in.

Google woks differently for different websites, for me in contrary it indexes all my sites very quickly but not overnight