Getting my products indexed?

OK so I have a page, blue widgets which links to all of my differant types ok blue widgets(there around 50) Each product page is very basic and consists of a picture and 2-3 lines description.

The pages have been up for around 5 months now and only one of them is indexed. I’m guessing this is beacuse google sees a lot of it as similar content. Whats the best way to get these indexed? the bigs sites seem to get every product indexed even if it is duplicate content and pulled in from other sites… Do i need to go out of my way to add some product specific content? Not sure if I have the time…

Thanks for your time in replying

For indexing do directories submission, article submission, PR submission, forums postings…

For products like these where you have little or no unique information I’d suggest creating unique titles as dvduval suggested, but concentrating on your category/overview pages as your main entry page from search listings.

Make sure unique content on each page, different copy in meta tags and then enter as many product pages as you can through links in blogs, directories, articles, etc.

If you have products then you need to make sure you give a little more of a description because google will not just index nothing. They are trying to clean up what they have, so maybe you just need a bigger and better description. Also try building backlinks to each product page. I would suggest write an article and submit it to a few article directories linking back to that page.

use google webmaster tool. it needs only 2 days for indexed.

Especially make sure you have unique title tags. It can take time, and you should be doing things to build pagerank. This one thing where pagerank does matter, and google employees in the last year have said that pagerank plays a role in what gets indexed. Also use google webmaster tools and see what kind of reports it gives you about your site.