Google image preview has been missing for a few weeks


I implemented rich snippets ages ago on my site. It all worked fine and google was showing the rating, photo, calories and time for my recipes.

Then 3 weeks ago I implemented AMP and the data highlighter. Selecting the image correctly and it all previewed fine.

Since then all the images in google results have disappeared, it just displays the rating. When I check the URL rich snippet preview for both the amp and normal page it displays as it should ( but if you google salted caramel snickers then it has no image for my site.

I’m not sure what to do now. Should I delete the data highlighter for recipes? I guess it shouldn’t need it as they are recipes marked up with the recipe schemea so this should be superiour to the data highlighter?

Are you saying this is the case only for your site, and that other sites still show images in with the snippet?

I’m asking because I can’t recall seeing any result displayed that way recently, and the example Google shows doesn’t include an image, even though it’s an Amazon product which surely has one.

I’m not certain, but it may be causing a data conflict or some confusion. If you have schema mark-up you should not need data highlighter too. Just use one or the other.

thanks, I’ve given google 3 weeks and hasn’t resolved so will just delete the data highlighter. I added it because some recipes were not being highlighted with useful info in google. but it hasn’t helped

It’s just my site, pretty much every recipe near the top of google has an image display. Don’t know if products do though.

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