Rich snippets disappeared

Hi everyone,

We have an issue with rich snippets gone from Google SERP, replaced reviewCount with ratingCount, apparently everything is fine in Google testing tool, here is an example, however no rich snippets appearing for several weeks now.

Any ideas? Please share your comments.


Are you sure you followed all of Google’s guidelines for creating markup for your content? Sometimes it is something simple like your markup not being nested correctly.
Here is more info on how Google interprets rich snippets,



Yes Shawn, referred to these guidelines and consequently replaced reviewCount with ratingCount, see the example. Still no results.

[FONT=verdana]Yes, I think Rdysip is right. I’ve noticed they’ve disappeared from the search results for one of the sites that I run.

I’ll investigate further and report back if I learn anything.


[FONT=verdana]OK, I’ve been running some tests. Rich snippets have definitely disappeared - both in Google and Bing. I don’t know when that happened, but they are gone now.

Note that I only tested for recipes. That’s because the only one of my sites that is relevant is a food and cooking site. I don’t know if other kinds of rich snippets are sill showing.

Does it matter? Probably not, although it’s annoying that I spent the best part of a day coding up my site for rich snippets, for no benefit.


Thanks Mike for sharing your investigations. By now, didn’t noticed any changes, although many refer to rich snippets as a very fluctuating feature.