Problem with json markup in website

Hello i am facing a problem to show the rich snippet results of my website on serp . please have a look to my markup code i had install to my website :-

i want to show open graph results of my website on google rich sniper.

help me with the schema markup coded

Hi sumitchauhantss welcome to the forum

I think you may be confusing two different things, please correct me if I’m wrong.

AFAIK, “open graph” is used by sites (eg, Facebook, Twitter, and Discourse!) to display “mini cards” instead of plain links. eg.

But “rich snippets”, when Google decides to display them, use “structured data”. Your site has


Maybe this will help


i want to show these rich sniper results for the company “tea stall studio” and i already added the schema markup for organisation before a mouth ago but not get the result till now.

See the screenshot

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It means that i am not able to show the rich sniper data for my website. Can you tell me all the other major function on what google rich sniper depend ?

Google provides detailed documentation on this.

The bottom line is that you cannot force Google to use the rich snippets in search results. Google displays what it chooses to display.

ok thank you for your time sir.

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Looking at the results of the “Structured Data Testing Tool” which was linked in post #2, your structured data does not appear to be structured properly.
It shows three separate “Organization” items which appear to relate to the same organization.
This is due to the data appearing within three separate sets of <script> tags without any link between them.
Try joining all the properties into one block of script.
If for some reason you can’t put it all in one place, you can link the objects with a common ID value.

Yes there are three separate “Organization” items which appear to relate to the same organization. But i don’t think this is the reason for not showing the result on search result because when i check for validation it shows no error in my code

well i already had combined all these three separated items and going to replace my previous markup coded with the new one.

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