Google author picture disappeared from SERPs

Hi Guys

We used to have Google author pic appear on most of the pages of our site:

But starting today I noticed that it no longer does on few pages like: wwwiphone-to-pccom/how-print-iphone-text-messages-pc*html


We have not made any changes to the site whatsoever. The rich snippet test tool does not show the picture as well. On other pages it’s still working fine:



Is this a part of the over-optimization update? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Were you searching using the same keywords? Google only shows microformatted search results on certain keywords, so this may be why it didn’t show up. Or maybe Google thinks you are ugly :wink:

You may want to check your Google+ account and make sure everything is set up properly.

If this doesn’t help, then there is nothing you can do about it other than add as much relevant content as possible to make Google want to promote your website to their users. I’m sure it will come back eventually.

Thanks for the reply. No, I wasn’t searching for the related keyword. I was typing the complete URL into the Google. I also tried using Structured Data Testing Tool to figure out the problem but no help.