Google is not displaying the image from rich snippets, no errors in webmaster tools


On my recipe site I implemented rich snippets months ago, and all was fine. The pages all show as fully enhanced under rich cards.

Last week i enabled amp, with the same rich snippets, there were a few errors detected but these were all fixed last saturday. I also fixed all the structured data minor errors and did the data highlighter process.

No errors in the console. But now the only item showing in google results is the rating from the rich snippets, before I had the photo, calories and cook time.

Is this likley to be a temporary thing or something more serious?

You may need to allow some time for a re-crawl before the changes/corrections are recognised.

Thanks, that’s what I was thinking. Im just concerned that the enhanced cards have disapeared (apart from the rating) on the recipe pages as nothing on these pages has been changed. Or is it google like for other changes on the site to cause this?

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