Google ignoring Compund-Words in Rankings

From my Google Webmaster account…


Below are the most common keywords Google found when crawling your site. These should reflect the subject matter of your site.
Keyword (Should be treated as)
small small-business
income income-tax
venture venture-capital

I am REALLY STRUGGLING to get Google to recognize my Keywords and ultimately give me better Rankings and Search Hits…

(I thought my website was filled with the proper Keywords and written in such a way that it is good content, easy on users’ eyes, and yet still “keyword rich”?!)

Any suggestions??



Just because a web page is rich with keywords doesn’t mean it will rank highly. The rank you are given depends on, amongst other things, the number of keywords (Google will sense if you are over using keywords and penalise you for it) and in which html elements they appear in. Keywords in some elements will gain more points (for ranking purposes) than the same words in other elements.

Also, SEO is something that needs very regular and frequent monitoring. If you have many competitors ranked below you, you can be sure that at least some will tweak their pages to eventually get Google to rank their page above yours and then you need to tweak your page to get your ranking above your competitors’ again and so on and so on.

Google only shows non-compound/single word suggestions for my site also, but I rank for many compound/multiple word phrases so I would not worry about it.

Yes, you are focusing on on-page optimization techniques. Once that is done, you will need to focus on off-page techniques, which in my opinion is more important.


I don’t understand what you mean…