Ranking My website without including keyword


I want to rank my website with local search keywords but I don’t want to include those keywords on my website.

Is it possible ?

If yes then how can I do this ?


The search engines look at your content - I would think that it plays a very important part in the ranking of your website. Why do you want keywords that are not in your website content?

I seen that there are many website don;t have keywords or they don;t include keywords still they rank first on Google.

If the search term has very low competition, and there are few, if any, exact matches, a site with “near” matches may be returned instead.

So if you have a page about “feeding multicoloured kittens” and I search for “food for technicoloured cats”, I might see your page in search results. But there’s no guarantee of that, so I would advise against relying on it. If you want to be found for a particular search term, include it in your page, to make it clear that’s what your page is about.

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It is just like you wish the people would open the dictionary and search for apple or orange but it is named watermelon ?? searches don’t work that way.

Just to be clear, are you talking about keywords in the content? Or do you mean that these sites don’t include the keywords meta tag? If you’re referring to the latter, then many (most?) sites don’t bother to include it any more. Google certainly ignores it, and other search engines may well do the same, so there is little point in including it.

Wild guess, something like this?

The website is for a store in East Rivers Edge that sells widgets
North Mountain View is three hours away and has plenty of its own widget stores

When people from North Mountain View search for widgets, they get results for North Mountain View widget store websites.

I want my site to also come up in their search results.

Close analogy?

My first question is, if the site is a local site, why should your site show in search results for those that are not local?

Even if they do click, chances are they’ll think “three hours away!” and leave.

In the past, some have tried various “SEO tricks” such as stuffing the meta tag, cloaking, etc.
But because Google is all about providing the best search results to its users, those “SEO tricks” no longer work, and may in fact get a site removed from the SERPs

If you truly think non-local people might be interested, have at least one page that says that - in the page content.

Another approach might be to instead of having East Rivers Edge and North Mountain View in page content have East Rivers Edge and West County instead of having a mess of non-local cities and towns

Perhaps you could give an example to show what you mean…

Add in original and informational content. You can also add images with ‘alt’ and ‘title’ tags. Just a thought though.

Your question like, you need to buy product via online without network connection. When you cannot target your keywords, how come you can rank them.

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