How to make a keyword rank high in google?

now, eg: i have an online store sell wargame tools.<snip>. on the site there is a product named “Stealth Hoodie SharkSkin Soft Shell Waterproof Jacket Multi Camo” how i can promote it and make each user find it easy on google.

if i do a keyword “camo jacket”. i want to rank high in google. what ways i should do ? many thanks

Google doesn’t rank keywords. Keywords are ‘ranked’ based on how many people type them into the search engine. A keyword or phrase that lots of people type in will be more popular than one fewer people type in.

What the search engines rank is the relevance of each web page to any particular keyword or phrase. To get a higher position in the search results for a given keyword or phrase you need to make your page more relevant to the people using that term than the other pages are.

The whole process of ranking higher in Google is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This is the process of making your page relevant to a particular search query. There is a lot to read on the internet about that. Depending on the popularity of the phrase or keyword and the competition you can optimize your way higher in the organic search results.

Keyword searching and ranking on the web is a analitical job.We need to search a proper keyword based on popularity and hits on search engine.Then you have to promote this keyword through SEO to make high traffic on your web and make that keyword more popular.

SEO is used get good keyword ranking in search engines. We have to start with On-Page optimization that includes metas, alt, website interlinking, anchor, keyword density and other. Then start with Off-Page optimization that includes bookmark submission, directory submission, classifieds, article marketing, blog submission, RSS, Pinging and many more. To get good keyword ranking we have do these practices by using appropriate title, description and keywords.

You can use various off-page techniques which are really helpful in getting higher ranking like social bookmarking, article posting , blog posting, blog commenting, forum posting, press release and many other techniques. By using these techniques one can get the higher ranking easily.

You have to add your keywords by keeping the thing in mind that how many people can hit for this keyword and your webpage must be relevant for that search.

it;s seo field , to an extent…
just make more original contents on your page and keep refreshing them gradually… better the article should be
relevant to the keyword or phrase you set, and meantimes you need a add some anchor text links on other sites that will be good on keyword ranking.

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