Confused about finding keywords for SEO, need help

so my niche is saturated, and i am trying to look for some keywords to start an SEO job.

here is what i am doing to determine what words/phrases to use to give to the SEO company

Find a keyword in google keyword tool, i make sure match type is set to phrase

i then look through the keywords that show me a relatively good global search volume

i then google the keyword in WITH " " and make sure it doesnt have over 3million search results

is this right?

Do people actually search for stuff with “keyword” in google


I think you should ignore " " from your target, as nobody can search any quarry with “”

and take help of wordtraker or google keyword suggestion tools.

Hi if you are looking of free directories just try this just search targro it’s free and easy…

so to find the competition in google i SHOULD NOT type “keyword” into google???

i guess what im asking is - if i find a keyword using exact or phrase in google keyword tool,
what do i then do to find out the competition in google?

Yes people search the exact keyword in google.

You should do what you were doing in the beginning, put the keyword you will be targeting for into Google between quotation " ".

it’s true that people will not type anything like this in Google but it shows how many competing pages they are in Goggle for that keyword instead of on how many pages in Google this keywords is found.

hope this help

of course people always find the sites from keyword first,exclude that people a;ready know the sites, so they dont have to type the keyword from searc engine.