Google Analytics Url


I am noticing a fair few hits on the URL ending /contact/?dynamic_url=contact in Google Analytics. I dont know where Google gets this from or what it means? My contact page is at On the contact page i have a html form that calls itself on submit i.e., so i thought maybe after the form has been submitted Google was treating the second url as /contact/?dynamic_url=contact, but it seems that this url is being tracked more then the so that doesnt make sense. It is only happening on this url. Anyone know what it means?


I can not suggest perfect solution without reviewing the contact page and thank you page but this is what i feed after reading given post.

It may happen that when ever some one land on your /contact/ page, he/she may redirect to dynamic page with query string having unique id for that particular inquiry right? This may be the reason, analytics tracking those pages as well.

It seems that the page is dynamically generated and that while you have a friendly URL ( the real URL is not user friendly and it is the one captured by Google Analytics. Since it looks like a parameter is being passed (/contact/?dynamic_url=contact… that =contact is the value of that parameter) my first suggestion would be to look at the contact form itself.

Maybe, there’s another page (whether in your site or not, I don’t know) that links to the form with the contact variable already filled in.