Google analytics : How to reduce bounce rate?

Hi Folks, My website has decent bounce rate 45%, Would like to reduce below 30%. Can anybody suggest me or let me your ideas to find my solution. Hope you all folks will guide me through. Waiting for your response. Thank you in advance.

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Hi @dgmindia and welcome to the SitePoint Forums.

The question you ask is a very loaded one and there is no generic “silver bullet” solution to that. As people say, “The devil is in the details”, so it would be very helpful if you could provide some more info, like:

  • what sort of website do you have? Blog? e-commerce? something else? A link would be welcome.
  • what are the pages with the largest bounce rate? Are most of the visitors leaving away at a specific point and place on your website?

This sort of info should be enough to narrow down the next direction to focus on.


OP can check second point from Behavioral Flow in Google Analytics. If he has set up funnel visualization for his website, assuming it’s not a blog, then he can also check where users are abandoning the conversion process. Still, we need to know more about what type of website he is talking about.

Hey guys!
There are numerous ways to reduce bounce rate. Some of them will be discussed now.

  • Avoid Pop-ups
  • Important Content on Navigational bar
  • Fabulous website design
  • Website Speed
  • Website Usability
  • Content Optimization

That’s quite a list.

Could you maybe discuss Content Optimization first please?

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@chimpstudiothemes: that kind of list with no details whatsoever is of very little use. As @Mittineague says, it would be much more helpful if you would pick one or two of these, which you consider most important, and give some explanation of what they mean and how to implement them.

@dgmindia: as @AdrianSandu says, it’s difficult to answer your question without more information. But do bear in mind that “bounce rate” simply refers to visitors who arrive on a page of your site and leave without visiting other pages. It is not necessarily a sign of failure; it could mean that the search results took them directly to a page which provided the information they needed, and they left satisfied without needing to look further.


Content Optimization

Website content optimization is very crucial in search engine optimization success. Here are some ways to optimize the content will be described below:

Title Tag Optimization

Title tag optimization is an important element to website optimization. Title tag tells the audience what the web page is about; so you should incorporate some vital key phrases in title tag.

Description tag Optimization

Description tag optimization is another element to website optimization. Description tag tells summary of the web page. Meta description summarize the content in an effective way.

URLs Optimization

Web pages URLs should be SEO-friendly. You should incorporate important keyword in URLs.


I think these above described should be applied on a website to enhance the visibility of the website.

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What does any of this have to do with bounce rate?
These are valid SEO methods, but that is not what the OP is asking about.
Reducing bounce rate is about retaining the visitor’s attention after they have found and landed on your site and encouraging them to engage with more of your content. By this stage the search engine has already done its job. The aim is not the please the crawlers, but the visitors.


Hi first of all 45% bounce rate is good and it would be hard for anyone to give you tips without knowing about your business. But still I will say do all the activities that can make your users happy either its good website design, speed, structure and relevant content.

Hi! Recently, I read about few methods how to do that!
I think that you must improve the downloading speed of your website! Nobody wants to wait more than a half minute for a page load!
Popups and sliding windows sometimes can be annoying, especially when you just enter a website! But also it can help when people want to leave a website!
Must be top notch content! You must create informative, interesting, useful and exclusive posts to attract attention of the readers! Nobody wants to spends hours reading boring articles! People want to learn something new and will give attention to more pleasent resources!
Also you have to create landing pages in such way which will be attractive to visitors and will satisfy their query!
There are also many other ways which you can find on the Internet!

how does google rank bounce rate? what does 80% bounce rate means? how much time was the user on the site in this case?

Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e.
sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page
without interacting with the page).

We cannot know how long a user was on a page when they bounce. They could bounce after 1 second or after 20 minutes reading an article.

i have a landing page in adwords (there is only one page, it’s not a website) and according to google analytics it has about 80-90% bounce rate. according to what you are describing it should be 100% bounce rate since all the users are only on the entrance page and then they leave.

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Presumably there is a link to another site there? Perhaps using that link counts as “interacting with the page”.

So 10% - 20% of visitors click the link. Would that sound about right?

I was merely quoting Google.
See the link I posted to Google Analytics help, it mentions single page sites. A non-bounce can occur on a single page if the user refreshes or interacts with an event.

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It is important to make your website visitor stick to the site and to turn them as the trusted customers. Reducing bouncing rate is nothing but to drive more customer engagement. Hope you are using relevant content to your website. What I would like to say is to select the right keywords that perfectly matches to your intent as well as content.
Also you can focus at writing attractive meta descriptions and create multiple landing pages.
Make the use of visually appealing content and online advertising campaigns.
Hope these shall help you…

use internal link and show related post after every post

To reduce bounce rate you just have to make the website more interesting, more useful and what is really important - make it readable and fast in uploading. It can’t be too heavy.
Put also a relevant content there.

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