How do I reduce the bounce rate

Hi, the bounce rate of my website is high hardly any visitor stays for more than 1 page please check the alexa comment

How do i reduce the bounce rate of my site. :injured:

Same here :slight_smile:
It looks like that you publish everything you came across on the web :slight_smile:
I would start by reorganizing a little and sometimes less is more :slight_smile:

I had gone through your site, it has a bit good “content” but still you need to concentrate on little more in user interface. As StevieD told we can’t figure out what is your website about. Just try to give more information about your website. An user should know “what” is your website by seeing your home page. So make it more attractive and highlight the categories menu. Add lesser content with the thumbnails you provide.

I believe content is one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO. Some believe that just link building is important but it is a true combination of things that help the overall ranking and visibility of a site

A high bounce rate indicates one of two things in my opinion: your content is very good or very bad.

If I’m searching for something like “how many grams in a cup of flour?”, if I find that information on the first page view of your site, I really do not need to look any further. Right? I got what I came for and that’s it.

Many internet surfers are not browsing the web because they have nothing better to do. They are looking for something and once they get what they need, they move on. So a high bounce rate is not necessarily indicative of poor content. It could be the opposite.

Bounce rates on my sites range anywhere from 30% to 50%. Your bounce rate is also going to depend on how good the search engine is in matching what the surfer is looking for to your content.

I my opinion you have to take care of your sites design and its content the content should be unique and quality based.

I think I need better content :frowning: any more ideas i have about 4000 pages indexed can i utilize it more efficiently I wanted a site like msn and yahoo ended up in crap

Write better content, and give people a reason to stay on the site. I’ve had a look, and I can’t figure out what your site is about. It seems to be just a random collection of completely unrelated things. If I was to land at one of those pages from a search engine or a direct link, there’s virtually nothing there that would encourage me to explore the site any further.

Think about sites that you visit, and look around - what is it about those sites that draws you in? What is it that gets you exploring them? What is it that gets you going back a second time, a third time, every week, every day? Look at how you could feature and showcase other sections of the site, top pages, related pages, things that will engage readers’ interests.

Stevie D hit the nail right on the head here. The only sites I will browse are the ones that are useful (relevant content), easy to navigate, and have working components (no broken links, too hard on the eyes, etc.).

Better design and better content will reduce your bounce rate. It really is that simple.

Users expect to at least see a summary of the answer to the question they asked or a summary of the information they require. The design of your page has an enormous impact on whether or not users proceed deeper into your site.