Google ADSense for news site

I have an American based news website, how i could make it more popular and i am also thinking about to get some ads from Google ADSense
so one could earn a fair amount of money from it ? How it sounds ? Any suggestions ?

Some of your best early traffic will be a result of your direct interaction with real people on the net or offline marketing as well. Be careful you don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can just rank hire from SEO. That doesn’t really work anymore. You’ll get more traffic through your efforts to get real people involved in your site. Once you have done that, you will then be able to make money from adsense. I would expect you would need at least 300+ unique visitors per day to feel like you are making a little money on adsense (ex. $5/day or similar).

Your idea sounds good. Try to maintain the site will be up to date. Content will be very correct. Because in news website we have to update the content carefully. And do social bookmarking for updated links. By this way you can get more traffic. Because according to visitors only u will get the money. and u can use different techniques of SEO. Hope my answer will help you and all the best.

Facebook Marketing would be an easy and affordable way to start up!

Facebook paid ads helps a lot at the start as well. Good Luck with your project!

Just to clarify, the OP is asking about a news website, not a new website. :slight_smile: