Adsense key of success!

Hi ! After some investigations I found that if someone wants to earns some money from ADsense he should do the following things:

  1. Find a good keyword which is searched by people.
  2. Test that domain to see if it has some high ADsense paying rate.
  3. Build the site around that keyword.
  4. Promote that site and SEO that site for getting high positions on google.
  5. After obtaining maybe a hundred visitors on site/day just relax and wait the money. :lol:

Sounds pretty easy… so why so much questions and complains all over the net?? Or did I skipped something? :goof:

Using the available data some keywords worth even 14 dollars with a max of 40-50 dollars. On some forum topic I read Google takes about 70% so we have a medium amount of 4-5 dollars. For 1000 visitors/day I think I can get at least 100 clicks so 100*4=400 dollars/day, 12000 dollars/month. :frowning: I think is a ridiculous huge amount of money just from one site and for such a low level of traffic.
Can be this possible?

3000 per day?? what is your site topic? :eek:

Can you please explain more about “unique visitors” issue?

I have more 3000 trafic per day but i have earn no more than 5-10$ per day. I don’t know what is the problem, probably because my site have trafic from Romania…

The main factors affecting Adsense earnings include:
High paying keywords
Unique visitors
Then your adsense earnings will explode

I get above 1000 traffic per day, but i am not get $4 click. My earnings very less.

Yes, it is very possible if you can target a good paying niche. Google just release that they pay 68% of the CPC to the Publishers so I would say that Adsense is one of the best monetizing programs for the webmasters =)

how do you guys have more than 1000 visitors per day on your site? I need the secret!