How to make money by google adds?

Hello friend,
I have developed a news website, so please help to get google adds how can get this, please share your reviews and feedback.

What have you tried so far? Have you explored the Adwords docs?

[font=verdana]Adwords Adsense

Adwords is what advertisers use to promote their website - Adsense is what publishers use to put other people’s adverts on their websites and make money from them, which I assume is what Noah is looking for. Just search for ‘adsense’ and the page on Google talks you through the process from the start.[/font]

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Thanks Stevie. I’m having a lot of trouble with names and terminology today. :slight_smile:

If you have a lot of traffic, Adsense is a great way to earn extra income. I have seen people with checks (that I believe are not photoshopped) for over $800k a month from Adsense.

I’m not really sure what you are asking here. The type of ads that would be best for your site really depends on the niche and your site specifically.

Make sure that you are not just aggregating news from different sources and posting to your website.

You should have original content, lots of headings and proper areas like sports, tech, movie reviews etc on your news site.

I was an admin of a faking news site and we did really well.

Then I had to part ways with it to concentrate on other aspects of my business.

For google ads, your website should have a lot of visitors. Since you developed a new website, first you concentrate on its SEO. Optimize your website, regularly post latest news, discussion, blog posts etc. I would suggest you to create a discussion section also in your news website. It is my personal experience, the discussion platforms get a lot of hits from Google, as Google loves discussion platforms where the real humans (rather than bots) exist. When you are sure that now your website has enough visitors, then apply for Google adsense.

you need to be careful not to eager to be damaged, the traffic spike one time is not necessarily as good as the stability

[FONT=verdana]A couple of articles* that will help you understand AdSense (and how AdSense differs from AdWords):

Google AdSense: A beginner’s guide
AdSense? AdWords? What’s the difference?

  • Full disclosure: I help edit the sites on which these articles appear.


I seem to be getting $3 per every 1000 visitors with 2 adsense ads on each page. I’m getting around 50,000 visitors. Not bad. Definitely gives me more incentive to push out quality tuts. No other program will except me apparently until my page rank is back up because of the domain move. But once they do I will be using infolinks and a couple others along with adsense. My goal is $500 extra a month from ads. If I can accomplish this I am successful in my eyes. Anything is better than nothing though.

check out these link.hope this will helps you :