Google adsense for Domains

Hi all,

Has anyone have any reviews of google adsense for domains have they made any money from it lately?


What do you mean “google adsense for domains”? You mean on domain niche or something? Need more information, please.

Google AdSense for Domains

It’s Adsense for otherwise unused domains.

I have tried it on some of my domains but the earnings were close to $0. Like around $3 per year, in that range. Honestly, there were almost no type in traffic, so it is hard to blame Google for not monetizing it. Also, those were brand new registrations intended for future development, so there were no linkbuilding, no traffic other than type-in traffic and random bots. By the way, it would be against Google’s Terms Of Service to promote (build links to) your GAS-parked domains. So I tried it and honestly was not impressed at all. GAS belongs to content-rich sites

I tried.Its useless if it is new/undeveloped domain.Better have some backlinks before you park with Google.