Earn $ from domains not in use?

I own a few dozen domains that I just haven’t done anything with yet. What’s the easiest/best way to place ads and earn revenue from these domains?

Sell them or redirect them to something relevant that you own, or build websites with appropriate content on each of them :wink:

You need first do little bit On-Page. Add relevant content because if you want Google AdSense, then you need a well-structured website with relevant content.

I don’t disagree with you, but the question was how to earn from a domain “not in use”. Building a site on it seems to be contrary to what the OP is asking.

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[namesilo][1] advertises that all revenue from ads of parked domains registered with them goes directly to the owner (you). I am in the process of transferring to them on good reviews I’ve read about them. Especially that they don’t try to upsell services or sell your email to third parties.

[Here’s more info on their free parking services.][2]
[1]: https://www.namesilo.com/
[2]: https://www.namesilo.com/domain_parking.php

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