Want to earn 75 $$$ for day?

Hi ,

I have earnt 75$ yesterday for 500 impressions with adsense for domains…


Do u want to earn…just set up a free domain or park ur unused domains…promote and earn …

That’s a $150 eCPM, even for adsense that’s a lot :slight_smile:

uhm that sounds very dodgy…i see your link has been removed… must have been an affiliate link to buy some How To book.

I’d love an epc of $20 let alone $150 haha

hard to believe. I imagine that domains with only adsense on them do make a good amount of money per impression but I also have a hard time imagining that any search rankings you get with those domains will last long?

There a lot of ways that one can use to earn money online. There is no specific rule for that but you need to get the right information and this can be got by searching online and consulting someone who has been doing these, as there are many scams too relating to online money.

tell me,let me earn $75 per day :smiley:

$75 for 500 impressions??
How many clicks from those 500 impressions?
Difficult to believe…

Nah man, I hate money. I don’t want 75 dollars a day. You know how I can get 2 dollars a day instead?

I have been using adsense for a while and that is a really good eCPM I have a decent eCPM and that is really good. My most proud part about adsense is that I have a eCPM of $2400 in my search alone. Great job on that though.

What is the estimated earnings one can have with the Google Adsense per day for the site having 100 visits per day?

******** with 500 impressions a day you won’t even make 1$

lol exactly!!


i am not going to believe, can u provide the image… what is ur target market

Get a lot of traffic, you will earn that money. For example, I always get from 40,000 impression with 200 click and take $80 - $90. It’s happy. Then just try, don’t give up

please tell me in brief…

Before I tell you, you have to send me twenty bucks…

“After years of trying to get rich with get-rich-quick schemes,
I know I’m going to get rich with this scheme . . . and quick!”
--Homer Simpson