Phpmydirectory or esyndicat?

Have whittled my new local portal/directory/news site to the follow too CMS options:

If have any opinions on either (e.g. don’t use X it is naff) etc. then let me know. Still cannot decide. Both seem to do almost the same, so probably ease of design is important.

I was also looking at Powerseek, but too pricey really.


It’s been a while since I posted about phpMyDirectory.

A new version has been released, phpMyDirectory 1.3.1

This script really is becoming more and more versatile. I have launched a site dedicated to it and just released a free template for it.

The community is thriving at the moment and has lots of dedicated long standing mod, plugin and template developers.

My dedicated site is using the free template that I developed and the latest version of phpMyDirectory.

Check it out at least (link is to my dedicated site).


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I realise that I am posting this a bit late, 18 months actually!

phpMyDirectory has come along way in those 18 months and certainly can be used as you need it jonbey :slight_smile:

A free and full template that I have created for phpMyDirectory :slight_smile:

The site link above uses phpMyDirectory and is a FREE to download template that I developed and released only a few days ago.

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I would definitely go with phpmydirectory.

For what reasons? Do you have experience with both? How did esyndicat fail you?



I’m using esyndicat. I’s good but limited. The main problems with the current version are:

  • No obvious way to upgrade from free to paid plan
  • Very poor member management of listings
  • No support for subscriptions via paypal

I’m going to have a look at other scripts.

Cheers bearaman

I have done a brief test, lack of paypal will make the project almost pointless!
But also did not like the feel of the demo version of phpmydirectory either.

Now thinking of creating something more exclusive using a non-directory CMS and just charging people individually.

Both of them are quite good but require a lot of work to fully extend them and to include some missing features that you might need for some big directories. So I would go with either one! Just choose the one you feel more comfortable with :slight_smile:

I may take that advice. At the moment the project is going nowhere while I faff about trying to decide what to do. I guess I should just set one up as a free directory to start with, then start charging later for premium poisition listins. Maybe will make it easier.

Start free, get the design sorted, build up some listings, then start promoting it locally. Yeah.

ANOTHER QUESTION: Which one, or another, is most likely to still be supported in a decade? I am looking long term here, so want to ensure that I chose a company that is likely to be around for a while!

That is a good approach! don’t start with all the options and features from day1!
both are quite well established IMO… Which one will be around in 10 years is hard to tell!! But I would pick up esyndicat as it seems to have a bigger community around it!
Another option I would strongly suggest is taking a look at:

Cheers. Funny. Last night I only went and bought another damn domain which is suited to becoming a local/national niche directory.

This is a lesser interest, so I will start playing with this one before deciding on the transition of my current live site.

I have started playing with esyndicate, and looks neat. I will continue.

I did look at phplinkdirectory a while ago. For my main local directory, I want to offer companies full page listings (i.e. to act as their own website). I did not think that phpld could do this. Maybe it can. Will check.