Chat on phone

How do you start your conversation with a girl on phone for the first time? Assume they dont know you and you’ve got their number by some source. Where should you start from to keep the conversation interesting and let them not hangup?

I am not surprised they’d possibly hangup if you get their number by deception or a third party and you don’t even know them or they you.

Surely this is not the case; do you mean a friend of theirs gave you the number; if not you are preparing for treading on very thin ice.

What is this “source”? I am assuming she is a girl you are romantically interested in, do you know she likes you back?

Dude get out more before you get a restraining order on you.

LOL I totally agree, well said :slight_smile: It sounds like you don’t know this girl at all. If that is the case, you should talk to her in real life and introduce yourself (if you happen to bump into her). Real life is the best way to get to know someone, especially if you see them everyday. Calling up someone is a very personal thing, and not a good idea if they didn’t give you their number directly.

OK, lets suppose they called you first without any permission or anything like that and you refused to talk to them because you didn’t know them. Now your curiousity makes you call them back. How will you start?

You start by giving them your credit card number.

EDIT: OK, that’s a cheeky answer. But really, if you are seriously asking this question, re-read what mikey81 said:

Don’t get too caught up in playing games and trying to be what you’re not. The only good answer is the answer that naturally comes to you. At the end of the day, you are who you are, and there’s not point trying to pretend to be something else, as it ultimately won’t get anywhere. Don’t be a slave to other people’s rules.

Thanks! Your reply is helpful…

No one is perfect and we learn many things from others. If someone does something that attracts us and we always wish to be like them. Like I was always reluctant to speak openly in a group and now I’ve changed much by following some of my fellows. So you can’t call me a slave of other’s rules.

Fine we’ll assume the very unlikely scenario two: Let’s say this fictitious girl was not of the immoral type or an exotic dancer and didn’t accidentally phone you… but called you out of the blue…

We’ll take into assumption she wasn’t stalking you either but for some bizarre reason had seen you before at a village dance or whatever but never approached your personal space.

Then after the first call she probably would have already given you her number of asked you to talk and call again, and if not the chances are she wasn’t interested enough. Now, still holding onto this bizarre fantasy you weren’t too interested in her… but changed your mind. Then you’d have to start with an apologetic tone but like was said if possible it would make more sense to meet her in person. Thus strike conversation even if it’s to ask her the time of day or other trivial pleasantries.

That is really helpful. Thank you very much. I also thought that she just wanted to let me know her number but I’ve decided not to call that number until she calls back and if I’m right she’ll call back. If she really made a wrong call, she’ll never call back.