Getting Paid Advertisers

I am at a stage now. Maybe not quite ready but I want to be when I am, the next step of getting people to pay to advertise on my site.

Are there companies out there that have a large client list letting people know about advertising opportunities people may have signed up to.

How do you/did you go about getting people to advertise on your site.

I don’t want to go too early and I realise I have to have the traffic 1st but this really is the next step. Apart from more link building and the regular amount of content I create this is the next thing on my mind and I am not sure how to progress it into something that makes money.

After getting 3k visitors per day for your site, you can allow adspace in your site, and try for Google Asdsense for making money from your site. before applying be sure that your website contains the quality content.

there are quite a few ad marketplace for publishers…

Google Adsense and AdBrite are amongst the most important at the moment…you can look at that for the time being…but you can also look at:

If your site is business related then use CPM ads like tribal fusion.

I think I am being a little (as usual) impatient.

I think advertisers will just come when I have a highly ranked site and exposure. For now I will get ideas together and wait but aim to be ready to go when I need to go.

Thanks for all the responses…

If you have a niche website, they try promotion CPA offers. They pay very good per lead depending on the industry. You will have to test many offers to find out which one converts well.

You can go with ad networks like Adsense or join link brokering networks to sell text links on your site.

Always wondered about the same thing until I read an informative article I while back. It said when your site was ready and up to par the advertisers would come. No sure if this is true for everyone, but now that I am seeing decent returns from adsense, new advertisers are contacting me.

Though everyone is saying about Google Adsense and that’s no doubt a good way to start, try to contact the companies of your niche and offer them your service for their banner advertisement on your website! Thanks…