How to find advertisers for your website?

Hi friends,

I’m owning some websites and making good money with it, although it’s no more to get rich :smiley: but it’s enough. However, I sill want to find more cusomters/ aderverisers for my websites. Are there any ways out there that you can suggest me ?

Thank you

You can go for affiliate marketing. By affiliate marketing also you can get the visitors to your site.

Customers and advertisers is two different things.

It’s very hard to attract advertisers specifically for your site unless you are prepared to put a lot of time and effort into marketing. You will need to identify the companies that target the same customers that your site is aiming at. You will then have to contact them individually, and give them a good reason why they should advertise on your site rather than the thousands of others that are targeting the same market.

A better approach would be to join one or more of the big advertising networks, of which AdSense is the best known (but there are many others). The yields will be lower, but all the hard work of selling your site will be done for you.

You say you are already making “good money”, It would be helpful to know what methods you are using at the moment, and which ones you have tried but don’t work.

As far as customers are concerned, that’s an entirely different matter. In fact, there’s only one sure-fire way to get more customers: make sure you are selling a quality product, for which there is a high demand, and which is available at a price that people are willing to pay.

First thing you need to do is to make your traffic interact within your site or at least make ways on how they can have conversations. Let me share my story:

I am handling a local event listing website. What I do is to find all upcoming events in the country and post them on our blog. I made a facebook page and share the stuffs that I post to my site. People that are interested in events started to inquire through my facebook page, email, and comments through facebook comment plugin. I build up the site to gain more traffic.

Eventually, I received an advertising request from one of the biggest online shop in our country. That made me think that if you let them see what your visitors is doing inside your site, they might get interested to have a partnership with you. In my case I let them see what’s happening in my site through comments. People are asking questions about the events, sharing their thoughts on some of the recurring events in my sites and stuffs like that.

In your case, I think you should first build up the interest to your target users and continually build their trust in your site.

I highly doubt AbSence is helpful. He won’t ever be able to scale up his income by using AdSense. I can’t recall one case when a client used AdSense to scale up his income.
Have you ever managed to scale your income by using AdSense? I highly doubt it. I have been serving clients for 7+ years and i can’t recall one case when AdSense was the solution around.

To the OP:

As mentioned above, you need to have something of great quality before asking any affiliate marketers or getting into advertising networks. You can try Commission Junction and some similar networks but keep in mind that none will do miracles. Above all though, you need to work on increasing the authority of your website and that is done by increasing your engagement with your clients and users while adding more useful content.

Depending on your business nature, the marketing plan might differ. My answer above is general matching up with your question.