Basics of monetizing a site [edited]

The only way I can think of is adsense. Because I research for keyword and optimize it and adsense, I think, is the easiest way to make money using that keyword. But suppoese adsense wasn’t there. Then what was I supposed to do. I mean most of the people I think don’t even use adsense. How do they make money?

Adsense is not the only platform for ads. You can use adbrite or double click. You can also sell ad space in your website manually to businesses. If you are not into ads, then try being an affiliate. Lastly, you can sell your own products.

you have tons of options out there :
Affiliates-you have many kinds, for each kind of site (however, you’ll need to work in order to make money)
Many other platforms
Adnetworks (some have just CPC and the others also have CPM/CPA and CPC)

Gooogle Adsense is best is method to monetize is site as it si highest paying revenue sharing programme. Google Adsense is for most publishers the perfect tool for monetizing their web sites and is having a high popularity in the affiliate marketing industry… Iam using it since two years and truly satisfied .

This is simply not true.

yes, adsense can give good results in many cases but there are networks I tried that brought better results in some of the countries.

What are those networks? I mean which brought you better results.

Affliates - they earn commission for reffering products

I agree that affiliates are a great way to monetize a site. They exist for almost every market as well. I also recently ran across something that talked about using your affiliate link in your tags or description on YouTube. There are many ways to earn returns on your web site. Keep looking and asking and eventually you will find what works best.

I tried some like Matomy, CPX and Marimedia.

Marimedia was the best, however Matomy did better than Adsense as well.

How or when do you get paid by Marimedia. Is it or any other like adsense? Which is CPC.

No, they have all kinds of campaigns, some CPC some CPM and some on CPA.