AdEngage vs. AdJungle vs. Adster vs. AdBrite vs. ExpoActive vs. TLA?

I’m looking at the above to handle advertising on my website.

Do you have any thoughts or recommendations on any of them?


None of them. Find individual companies or webmasters to buy monthly advertising from your site if you want to earn the most money from your site. If you don’t have the time to bother with it then plugging in some affiliate offers could earn you good revenue.

Do you have any personal experience with those sites?

I ask you this, because all the sites I listed let individual companies or webmasters buy monthly advertising from my site - they just handle all the ad serving and payment processing.

If you can find sites to advertise on it is cheaper and you can target sites that are related to your topic better. Most of the top sites cost a good amount per week or month to advertise on with the programs you listed.

Look in the forums for sites selling ad space you might make more money.

Sorry - I may not have been clear in my original post.

I’m looking at the above to handle advertising on my website.

Not advertising of my website, lol.

I am looking to SELL advertising on my site, and I am looking into third parties to handle the payment processing and banner serving.

I use and they always pay on time. However, if you’re going to use their RON ads, you can expect to get paid as little as .02-.03 a click.

Adbrite and Adengage is alright. The good thing about it is that they already have a number of advertisers so it may be easier for your to get advertisers on your site.

I have advertised with Adbrite and the converts weren’t good all from an advertiser standpoint, but it depends on the quality of site you choose…

I would say try them one by one for few days and go with the one do well for you on long term basis.

All of them. You need to test for yourself. What works for one site will not work for another.


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This is Brad from AdJungle. As with the others that Cold Steel mentioned, we make it easy for others to advertise on your site. What differentiates us from the others is that we let the publisher upload their own default ads to show when there is nothing bought for your site. We also only allow impression (CPM) or time (Cost per Day) based buys, no pay per click buys.

Don’t try expoactive. They are scammers. They spammed my email offering to server advertisment on my site and I have never get their payment and I have never received any reply to my emails.

Hi every one,
Beware! adbrite didnt pay me. I was waiting to collect my payments for their 60 days pay period and i earned over $600. My site is a legitimate social network. My minimum payout was $100 but stil i didn’t get the payments. after 5 months and more than 10 emails this is what i got at the end. So i stop using adbrite coz it wasted my time and money.

Thank you for contacting us.

Uncollected payments, delayed payments, and advertiser refunds for non-billable advertising will bring your eligible matured earnings below your minimum check amount. Looking into your account, a payment was not processed for these reasons. Unfortunately we are unable to pay out earnings that we have not yet received. Please note that we are actively working to collect all outstanding payments and once received, the amount will be immediately added to your next monthly payment. Unfortunately until payment is received, neither you nor AdBrite will get paid. I would recommend that you lower your minimum check amount to offset any of these potential Advertiser refunds and receive all earnings that are owed to you.

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Eli S.
Customer Support

After this i lowered my minimum payouts to $10 bucks! stil no news after another 4 months!