Getting a page ranked by Google

I put a new webpage online about a month ago which contained specific content related to one keyphrase. It is content that is of interest to visitors and relevant to the keyphrase which is targetted. I’ve included it in a sitemap and the sitemap has been submitted to Google. However Google has indexed the page but doesn’t seem to rate it - the homepage still rates higher for the keyphrase. Can anyone give me any pointers?

i think you will have to wait for another ‘two’ months. Getting page rank may take upto minimum three months.

What do you mean by rate?? is it PR. Ok lets it as PR

The question is why you looking for PR ?? the page can be ranked well with 0 PR Only quality/original content and relevant backlinks do matter most to get ranked well.

If you only looking for PR to show your efforts to your client then you have to wait for next pr update and keep building links but make sure links must be relevant to the niche. NOT like your signature link which is photographer based.

Modirators of the forum should take some action about the irrelevant signatures because these will not add any value to money website. they should make these link no follow because these are for advertisement not for SEO

If you read Hiforr’s question carefully, you’ll see he’s not asking about page rank, but about SERP position. He’s asking why a page specifically related to a particular phrase is appearing lower in the search results than the site’s more-general home page.

Again, please read the question. It makes no mention of any client, nor does it say what the site is about. As far as you or I know from his post, he could well be referring to one of the sites in his signature link.

You will no doubt be pleased to know that all links in this forum are, indeed, nofollow. You can find full information on the signature rules in the forum FAQs.

We appreciate all members trying to help others, but please take time to read the question - and any replies - carefully first. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for your replies…
No I am not concerned about the pagerank, only on the SERPs for the keyphrase.
The surprising thing is that the keyphrase performance on the homepage has actually improved even although the other page isn’t performing at all.
I wondered if this additional page could actually be helping the keyword performance in the homepage. Or is this just coincidence? Sorry if this is a bit vague.

Yip, done all this but still Google doesn’t like my page. Usually I find the new pages rank fairly well for a while due to the honeymoon period Google gives them but this time, zero.
Maybe I just need to learn some patience :slight_smile:

Homepage always having higher rates with respect any keyphrase if you think your keyphrase should rank batter then you should wait for next ‘two’ or ‘three’ months.

My question to you is, why you are targeting the same keywords for the different pages of your website?
My suggestion is, wait for sometime and put some efforts to increase its visibility on the search results.

it a new site so no need to worry much, at the beginning concentrated on on page optimization, place your title tag, h tags, image, content and keyword etc…update content frequently and make the site with rich content. while each time update site , re submit sitemap… continue the process and wait at least 3-6 months…for get off page tech for this period then start slowly…

No, it isn’t. It is a new page on an existing site.

Hiforr has asked a couple of very clear questions. If anybody has any answers to those questions, we would be very glad to have them. But please don’t post unless (a) you have read the question properly and (b) you have a real answer, rather than generic SEO advice which I’m sure Hiforr already knows.

A good question, but I am not. The homepage targets a seperate set of keywords and manages to hit page 1 for these. However, it just so happens that it also rates on page three for the keywords in the new page. The new page however, doesn’t show at all in the keyword searches even although it is more relevant and optimised for these keywords.

i have site with gaming niche. The main keyword on th main page is “fix and game crashed” in the other pages and post the keyword is pretty similar but i added the pc game name ex:“fix, game crashed, fallout3”. It ranked pretty good in google.

Try figuring out when your linking, are you setting it to the home page only? Or other pages?

Get it now. My suggestion is, try to increase backlinks for the new page targeting the desired keyword. Moreover, you can try SMO techniques to increase the traffic to the particular page because I feel that, traffic(popularity) plays an important role in SERP ranking of a web-link.

All the best.