How to easily get page rank?

I am also still new in this. I hope anyone would help me. Thanks.

There are many ways to getting pr but best as follows:

1: Create maximum quality back links (one way)
2: Publish articles like ezine with fresh content.

Sometimes keyword affects your ranking. If your keyword has less competitor it may be in the top ranks and can be optimize easily and quickly gaining more PR and rankings

See, PR gets update after every 3-4 months… and sometimes it may take upto 1 year.

So, I won’t advise you to run after this… because its not in your hand. You can build just quality backlinks and Google will do the rest of the job and nobody knows the exact time of PR updation.

Moreover, its not an important metric… It does not impact your performance in a way.

Give the man a coconut, that’s all that needs to be said.

So we don’t get a squillion more people posting “build lots of backlinks” that we’ll only delete, I’m closing this thread now. There’s lots of information in the stickies and in previous discussions if you want to find out more.