Gboxapp security worries

Since I am reading thread discussions about security, I hope you guys can help me with my question.
I have recently downloaded the Gbox application. However, I am reading not-so-great reviews about the site. I desperately need to learn more about search.Gboxapp. Thank you so much!

[FONT=Verdana]Hi Forest Monte and welcome to the forums.

I have moved your question into a thread of its own, as it starts new topic. In future, please remember to start your own thread and not ask a new question in an existing thread.

What have the reviews you read said about Gboxapp which is worrying you? Have they not given any advice about what to do? A quick search on the internet shows plenty of results for, with accompanying instructions for removing the toolbar. I don’t know anything about the app myself, but I’d say if you’re in any doubt about its safety, then you should remove it.[/FONT]

The first few results for this shows it’s considered spyware/malware, you’d be best to remove it.