Do I need webroot security for Android phone?

I always have a anti-virus for my PC, but do I need sometime equivalent for my smartphone?

There is “webroot security” software for Android phones. Do you think I need that? Or is there something better?

Do you think even 1% of cell phone owners have an antivirus app (or even know that exists)?

Do they seem to have a problem?

Don’t worry about it unless you’re sideloading unsigned apps from hacker sites onto your phone.

anti virus is just a memory waste.

I would take a look at Lookout Mobile Security in the app marketplace. It’s not an antivirus but it will check all apps that you are installing and verify that they are safe.

I would say yes. Although infecting smart phones is not very normal yet, it is not unheard of, and as the phones get smarter, the danger is bigger and more real. I do expect that the number of threads for smart phones will increase with the their use :slight_smile:

It is not something urgent but something to think about. Still, if you browse using your phone, play it safe and visit sites that you know that will not leave naughty programs behined :wink: