Google malware review - how to?

Hello everybody,

Suddenly Google has decided that 2 of my websites contain malware:

when people search these sites in Google or when trying to access these sites via the URL ther is a warning displyed:

these warnings are across all browsers, except Safari as far as I know

Both sites are hosted on the same server as other sites, for example or, where these warnings are not displayed

What happened? Why does Google decide to display these messages??

I have deleted the whole website and uploaded them freshly from my PC, and there are only php, html and image files…

I have found so far that I need to use Google webmaster tools, but all I can find is this ****** explanation page:

There is NO WAY I can actually ask Google to review the pages?!

Please help

not sure about this one, but it seems that a site on the same shared ip address is infested and that could be prompting google to put this on your site.

you might want to try a different (more reputable) hosting company…

Check pages infected malware at Webmaster tool -> Heal -> Malware

I’d love to, but I don’t know how to… all I get on the google support page, see post qbove, is an explanation text telling me to do so, but no instructions on doing so except for:

Request a malware review:

On the Webmaster Tools Home page, select the site you want.
Click Health, and then click Malware.
Click Request a review.

however there is no link to where I can submit my URL, also on th Webmaster Tools Home page:

I cannot submit an URL…

please advise


Those two messages say your sites are not hosting malware, but that when visiting the sites, malware was downloaded from another domain. (The two “bad” domains listed are not hosted on the same server - or even in the same country - as your sites.) The first thing I would suggest would be to double-check your sites to look for any evidence of hacking. You say you’ve uploaded fresh copies of all the files, so hopefully they’re clean, but did you check to ensure there are no extra files there that shouldn’t be? Did you also replace your .htaccess file? (When two of my sites were hacked, I found my .htaccess file had been altered.) You should also change all your passwords.

You have my sympathies there - I’ve never found Google’s help pages particularly easy or intuitive to navigate. They also seem to update stuff from time to time, without ensuring they update the relevant links. :nono: Anyway, I think you should be able to submit a reconsideration request through this link: Just explain the steps you’ve taken to remove any problems and ask them to reconsider the sites. When I had a similar problem, they dealt with it surprisingly quickly.


Hi TechnoBear,

Thanks for the answer, but since when is Google the Internet police? I’m OK with them displaying a warning message when actually using their search engine, however when typing the URL, how can it be that these messages are being displayed?

Also, your link shows me a Youtube video on what to write to Google, however I still don’t know WHERE to submit my request for review…

and why the “insert swear word” do I need to create a Google email adress??


As far as I can see, the message that Firefox is displaying comes from Firefox, not Google.

The link goes to this page:

Clicking either of the “Request reconsideration of your site” links takes you to the appropriate place to make the request, but you need to be logged in first.


you dont, but you need to have a google webmastertools account to fix the issues you are having.

the instructions on the google help section tell you what to do FROM INSIDE A WEBMASTERTOOLS ACCOUNT THATS ALREADY LINKED TO YOUR DOMAIN

you might not like the answer, but thats what you have to do.


This (malware from other sites is downloaded when visiting your website) is typical of an .htaccess hack. Strengthen your passwords THEN upload your verified .htaccess files THEN ask Google to recheck your website.